Congratulations to four members of the Sadernation Ag program as they earned their FFA Lone Star Degrees!

The degree has demanding requirements, including at least 360 instructional hours, 300 hours of a supervised agriculture experience program, 25 hours of community service, and more. Only three percent of the 130,000 Texas FFA members attain their Lone Star Degree. As we congratulate these four exemplary Ag students, take a minute to read their thoughts on their achievement:
Sara H. (Jr.)
“It is such a privilege to have received the Lonestar Degree! This degree was based on my three projects: equine training, a small business, and an internship with local vet clinics. My small business is called the Critter Sitter and I pet sit for a variety of critters in the Magnolia area. My internship allowed me to practice medical procedures as well as collect volunteer hours, which will allow me to test for my CVA. During my equine training project, I worked and competed with different breeds of horses and helped teach younger riders the basics of riding. Each one of these projects introduced me to new skills and different perspectives that will make me successful in the future. I have been involved in our FFA program here at Concordia since freshman year. Since then, I have been able to be in the different areas of FFA such as, the LDEs, CDEs, leadership roles, and livestock team. FFA has been such an important part of my life for the past three years! My favorite part about being in FFA is being able to meet other fellow members and help each other along our paths as well as learning and working with animals. I have enjoyed every second working towards this award and I cannot wait to see what this last year holds in store!”
Sara J. (Jr.)
“Y’all, I got my Lone Star! I’m so excited and happy that all my time put into FFA and recording every experience and opportunity I’ve gotten has paid off. I’ve absolutely LOVED being a part of our FFA chapter for the past three years and being able to go on so many trips with my vet med team and traveling all over Texas shooting. I’ve been honored with the ability to serve our chapter as an officer and I’m even more grateful for all the experiences opportunities and memories I’ve been able to make these past three years. I’ve enjoyed everything from staying up late talking and dancing in hotel rooms to early morning shoots and vet med competitions. I’m so happy to see my time tracking every pet sitting experience, shotgun practice, shotgun tournament, vet med practice and competition, leadership conference, FFA meeting, etc. was completely worth it. I’m so excited to see what this final year has for me and I can only hope it’s a perfect end to my FFA journey! I’m so happy for everything I’ve gotten to do and everything to come!”
Hannah K. (Jr.)
“I‘ve been a proud member of FFA since my freshman year. I’ve participated in just about everything from raising livestock to vet med! Making that decision to involve myself in FFA has been life-changing; I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’ve shared and gained so many FFA memories from twelve hour cattle lines to being clipped. For four years, I have been hard at work, logging all my expenses and projects, spending countless hours doing all kinds of activities, and keeping myself involved and excelling at school. Doing this required maturity, work ethic, and optimism. I will use these skills every day for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring me, and I couldn’t not be more excited to announce that I will be receiving my Lone Star award this year!”
Grace S. (Jr.)
“I’m incredibly honored to be receiving my Lone Star Degree. FFA has been like a family to me since my freshman year. Through FFA, I have grown, made memories I will never forget, and I have learned so much: from what the differences are between forceps in vet ned to how to show goats with the livestock team! My favorite memory from FFA was when the vet med team got stuck in a wash rack with sheep due to a tornado warning! I’ve gained work ethic, leadership skills, self-discipline, and reliability. The skills I’ve learned through FFA will stick with me forever and I wouldn’t exchange the time I have spent with our chapter for the world. I’ve worked hard and I’m very excited about this new accomplishment! Can’t wait to see what next year holds for us all!!