Concordia Coaches, Teams, and Athletes Honored in Annual VYPE Awards

VYPE Houston hosted their annual 2020-2021 Awards at the end of June honoring athletes, teams, and coaches from public and private schools around Houston. To watch the full Awards show visit:

A total of 59 private school awards were presented across 19 sports for the coach of the year, team of the year, and athlete(s) of the year. Concordia was honored to win x4 total awards: x2 Coach of the Year, x1 Team of the Year, and x1 Athlete of the Year for 2020-2021!

For the athlete of the year awards, three candidates for each sport (excluding tennis) were named as the finalists. The Crusaders did very well as they received a total of x6 finalists for Athletes of the Year (T-2nd most of the Houston area private schools). Erin Tilley was Concordia’s sole Athlete of the Year winner for Women’s Private School Swimming. (Finalists for team and coach of the year awards were not published, only the winners of those awards were named.)

The sports included in this year’s VYPE Houston Private School Awards were: Cross Country (Men’s & Women’s), Football, Volleyball, Basketball (M/W), Swimming (M/W), Soccer (M/W), Men’s Wrestling, Golf (M/W), Tennis (M/W), Track (M/W), Baseball, and Softball.

In addition to the coach, team, and athlete(s) of the year awards, VYPE Houston also inducted their second Hall of Fame class for both athletes and coaches. Concordia’s long-time Head Baseball Coach, Rick Lynch, was honored as one of this year’s inductees for VYPE’s Coaches Hall of Fame. Lynch passed away in December 2020 and had been a baseball coach in Houston for over 30 years, with the last nine years at Concordia.


Concordia’s 2020-2021 VYPE Award Winners

  • Women's Cross Country Private School Team of the Year
  • Women's Cross Country Private School Coach of the Year - Michelle Luevano '05
  • Women's Swimming Private School Athlete of the Year - Erin Tilley
  • Baseball Private School Coach of the Year - Royce Kennedy
  • 2021 Coaches Hall of Fame Inductee - Rick Lynch


Concordia’s 2020-2021 VYPE Award Athlete of the Year Finalists (Top 3)

  • Women's Cross Country Private School Runner of the Year - Lauryn Kastenschmidt
  • Volleyball Private School Player of the Year - Brooke Frazier
  • Men's Basketball Private School Player of the Year - RJ Keene
  • Men's Soccer Private School Player of the Year - Carlo Cardenas
  • Baseball Private School Player of the Year - Sean Fitzpatrick


Athlete of the Year Finalists by School

  • The Woodlands Christian Academy: 9
  • Concordia Lutheran: 6
  • St. Agnes: 6
  • Fort Bend Christian Academy: 5
  • St. Thomas: 5
  • Lutheran South Academy: 4
  • Second Baptist: 4
  • St. Pius X: 3
  • Bay Area Christian: 2
  • Episcopal: 2
  • John Cooper School: 2
  • St. John’s: 2
  • Houston Christian: 1
  • Lutheran High North: 1
  • St. Thomas Episcopal: 1
  • Village School
  • Westbury Christian: 1
  • Awty International: 0
  • Cypress Christian: 0
  • Duchesne Academy: 0
  • Emery/Weiner: 0
  • Incarnate Word Academy: 0
  • Katy St. John’s XXIII: 0
  • Kinkaid: 0
  • Legacy Prep Academy: 0
  • Logos Prep: 0
  • Northland Christian: 0
  • Providence Classical: 0
  • Rosehill Christian: 0