28 Choir Students Selected to National Honor Choir in Nebraska

At the beginning of November, 28 choir students from Concordia’s Concert Choir, Mr. Palomaki, and three parent chaperones made the trip up to Concordia University, Nebraska (CUNE), to participate in their National Honor Choir Day. These 28 students submitted a video audition in September and were selected into the honor choir, which was picked from over 200 auditions from high school students around the country to form a selected choir of 140 singers from 15 states. This is the highest number of students from CLHS that has ever been selected into this honor choir in the decade plus long history of attending the event, breaking last year’s record of 24 students!


While in Nebraska, Mr. Palomaki showed the group some of the scenic sights of “The Good Life” on their way to Concordia University in Seward, Neb. One famous site included the Holy Family Shrine in Gretna, Neb., where the group did some singing in the beautiful glass and wooden chapel. Finally, they stopped at Mahoney State Park and spent time at the top of an observation tower overlooking the Platte River.


The National Honor Choir members experienced extensive rehearsals on the CUNE campus led by the university’s renowned music department chair, Dr. Kurt von Kampen. In addition to learning from Dr. von Kampen, CLHS’ Mr. Michael Palomaki served as a guest clinician for the event. This was the second time that Mr. Palomaki was asked to serve as clinician for National Honor Choir Day.


Following a day full of rehearsals, the festivities culminated with an evening concert at St. John Lutheran Church in Seward, Nebraska. The concert included selections from the National Honor Choir as well as the world-renowned University A Cappella Choir from CUNE. The final piece featured both groups which was a special moment to finish the event. It was a wonderful day of growing as musicians and singers, meeting new people, and having the experience to perform with other talented students.


Please join us for our upcoming Christmas Concert at Trinity Klein Lutheran Church on Sunday, December 10th at 7 pm. Admission is free for this annual event, that is sure to put your in the mood for Christmas to celebrate the greatest gift we have ever received!


The following students earned a spot in the National Honor Choir. A big congratulations to them as we are very proud while also very blessed to have such talented young men and women at CLHS. Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!


  • Daniella Bramlett ‘25 – Soprano 1 (2nd year selected)
  • Ivy Hendrickson ‘25 – Soprano 1 (2nd year)
  • Selena Lemmon ‘25 – Soprano 1 (2nd year)
  • Amelia Schmidt ’27 – Soprano 1 (1st year)
  • Marley Wheless ’26 – Soprano 1 (1st year)
  • Chloe Carter ‘24 – Soprano 2 (2nd year)
  • Hallie Miller ‘25 – Soprano 2 (2nd year)
  • Mary Kate Moore ‘27 – Soprano 2 (1st year)
  • Tessa Savona ‘24 – Soprano 2 (2nd year)
  • Maria Tait ’25 – Soprano 2 (1st year)
  • Mary Catherine Tedesco ‘25 – Soprano 2 (2nd year)
  • Eden Heckner ‘26 – Alto 1 (1st year)
  • Melissa Oblinger ‘24 – Alto 1 (3rd year)
  • Katherine Arego ’24 – Alto 2 (1st year)
  • Sofia Heckner ‘25 – Alto 2 (2nd year)
  • Vincent Neuhaus ’27 – Tenor 1 (1st year)
  • Lucas Winetrout ’26 – Tenor 1 (1st year)
  • Nicholas Harvey ’24 – Tenor 2 (1st year)
  • Joseph Lyons III ’24 – Tenor 2 (1st year)
  • Samuel Parikh ’25 – Tenor 2 (1st year)
  • Nathan Okikiolu ’26 – Bass 1 (1st year)
  • Lucas Wallace-Hesson ’25 – Bass 1 (3rd year)
  • Trevor Whitt ’25 – Bass 1 (1st year)
  • Clark Johnson ’25 – Bass 2 (1st year)
  • Benjamin Semro ’25 – Bass 2 (1st year)
  • Zane Stephen ’25 – Bass 2 (2nd year)
  • Aashwin UmaShankar ’25 – Bass 2 (1st year)


Please join us for our upcoming Christmas Concert at Trinity Klein Lutheran Church in Klein, TX on Sunday, December 11th at 7 pm. Admission is free!


CLICK HERE for more information about becoming a student at Concordia. To learn more about vocal music at Concordia, visit www.sadernationtx.com/choir